Box Elder bugs

Asked April 14, 2018, 6:12 PM EDT

Need to know if removing large silver maple tree (next to home)will deter bugs from entering dwelling.

Ingham County Michigan

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The way to deter them from entering your house is to make sure there are no entryways for them. This could be under screen doors and windows or cracks in siding which are not totally sealed. Basement windows... anywhere they can squeeze in.
The beetles do eat the seeds of many kinds of trees including silver maples but the females tend to lay their eggs in boxelder tree seeds (hence the name).
You must have a number of these relatively unattractive members of the maple family near your property and , as I mentioned before, ways for the beetles to enter your house.
Silver maples can be a food source for them as well as several other types of maple. Removing the silver maple probably will not greatly reduced the number of beetles. You need to consider the value of your tree as a landscape feature.
Populations of insects vary greatly from year to year due to many environmental factors.
I have a large silver maple right next to my house and see perhaps 1-4 beetles in a given year.