Unknown perennial or bulb?

Asked April 14, 2018, 2:08 PM EDT

I planted this 3 years ago and it has yet to bloom. It has surfaced in an adjacent location but still no bloom! Can you possibly tell me what it is so perhaps I can find out how to help it bloom? I know it is not a daffodil, as some friends are suggesting . Thanks very much if you can ID it!

Baltimore County Maryland

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If these are current photos, this may be Naked Ladies, popular name for Amaryllis belladonna. These bulbs grow foliage in spring which goes dormant over the summer. Tall pink lily-like flowers emerge in late summer-early fall, with no leaves. Very fun plants.

If you've had them for a while with no flowers, the bulbs may have needed a few years to bulk up enough to produce flowers. Let them die back, note the location, and look for flowers later in the year.