Planting tomato seeds?

Asked April 13, 2018, 7:39 PM EDT

Is it too late to plant tomato seeds (Rockville, MD)? Or Should I just buy a plant at this point....I want to plant an heirloom and was hoping to start from seed.... If its too late, when should I plan to plant seeds indoors to err on the safe side? (March 1?) Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland tomato transplants

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It is not too late. You'll have a 5-week old plant by late May. A six-week old plant would be more ideal.

Gardeners tend to start their tomato plants too early in hopes of early planting and an early harvest. But seedlings can grow rapidly indoors under favorable conditions and outdoor conditions may be less than ideal in mid-May. The result are floppy, overgrown plants that can be difficult to manage and plant.