Select Max tank mix

Asked April 13, 2018, 11:28 AM EDT

Can Select Max (with C.O.C.) be tank mixed with Sinbar without causing harm to blueberry canes that are just before green tip?

At what point, in the spring, is grass considered to be actively growing? So that Select Max could work. Is there a GDD number for quack grass that would give a more accurate picture?

Van Buren County Michigan

3 Responses

Select Max should be applied with a Nonionic surfactant not COCs. Select Max should not cause much of a problem in blueberries. Select Max has good activity against grasses but little activity against broadleaf plants.The Select Max label says the quackgrass should be 4 to 12 inches tall. I think it is still a little early. The label gives specific heights for the growing grass.
Do you see any signs of new growth?

Quack is starting grow and to stand upright and peak through the thatch. These shoots are already 6 inches tall. An even more important part of the questions concerns tank mixing with Sinbar. I'm wondering if the C.O.C. used with Select Max will allow Sinbar to burn one, two , and three year old canes coming out of the crown area..

I don't think that Sinbar is going to hurt the shoots.
Don't use COCs with Select Max