Tulip bulbs

Asked April 13, 2018, 3:10 AM EDT

My son has just returned from Amsterdam and he bought me several bags of tulip bulbs , some are beginning to sprout. how can I keep them untill planting time in the autumn? Many thanks.

Outside United States

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Thank you for contacting us. It would be very helpful to know where you are located, but I can make a couple of suggestions.

If the sprouts are just getting started, you can store the bulbs in your refrigerator until autumn. Do not store them in plastic. A brown paper bag or newspaper is best.

You can plant the bulbs right now, assuming the ground is not frozen. The blooms may be a bit smaller this year, but they should increase in size as the bulbs get established.

You can grow the bulbs indoors in pots, also. Just make sure they have good drainage and a couple of inches of space between them.

In any case, you should never cut off the foliage or uproot the bulb while the foliage is still green. As long as the plant is photosynthesizing, the bulb will continue growing. If you must transplant or lift the bulbs, do so after the foliage has browned to the ground.