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Asked April 12, 2018, 2:24 PM EDT

Hello! I am adding an addition on my home. I'd like to move a Spring Snow Crabapple tree and a Ash tree I planted 10 years ago. I'd also like to move a lilac bush I planted and stands about 5 feet tall. I'd like any suggestions to dig up and transplant to ensure they thrive after transplanting. I have other small/medium size bushes I need to move as well.
Thanks, Debra

Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Thank you for your questions. I have some for you, as well:

  • How large is the Crabapple? Depending on it's size, it may be very difficult to dig a large enough rootball to give it a good chance of surviving after transplant.
  • What kind of ash tree is it? If green or white, then same question for the Ash, with a caveat: with Emerald Ash Borer likely on its way to Jefferson County (so far, just Boulder county), we don't recommend moving Ash.
  • Shrubs may have a better chance of survival due to their smaller root diameter. Ideally, you would dig a root ball of the same size as the above ground growth, but this usually isn't practical. Get as large a root ball as possible, and transplant into a hole that is as deep as the root ball and 2-3 times the diameter as the root ball. Back fill and soak in, making sure to keep the plant crown just above the soil line.

Here are a few references:

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