Rose bush with yellow leaves

Asked April 12, 2018, 2:03 PM EDT

I overwintered a small rose bush, Flower Carpet pink ground cover rose, in my garage. When it came out of dormancy, I trimmed off the deadwood, repotted it in commerical potting soil, and fertilized it with Miracle-Gro liquid indoor plant food. I have watered the bush every few weeks and placed it in an east-facing window so it gets about 3 hours of sun per day. However, some of the leaves have turned yellow, and I want to make sure I treat it right so it stays healthy. See attached photo.

Carver County Minnesota

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Your rose needs full sun and in the house that would mean a south window. It is also a rose that is meant to be planted and grown in the ground. It is hardy to zone 4. I would pinch off the yellow leaves, give it as much sun as possible, water it throughly when it is dry, use rose plant food and put it outside as soon as it warms up enough. You will have to harden it off by putting it outside on nice days and bringing it in if it will get close to freezing. Here is a link to a little more info about it. . It would be good to watch for spider mites as well.

Thanks for the advice. I live in a townhouse with only east- and west-facing windows. And I can’t plant it in the ground because of townhouse regs. I’ll move the pot from east to west during the day until I can put it outside and hope for the best.