Bed bug - stage

Asked April 12, 2018, 11:36 AM EDT

I have a bed bugs and had the house sprayed 4 times. But they are still around. A few days ago, I took off a shirt, and found two of these bugs that fell off the shirt. I am sending a picture of one. I could tell it had bitten me by looking at my back. And the picture looks like it has blood in it. Can you tell at what stage this bud bug is? I am using a lint roller to roll up small nits/juveniles from the floor. I have wood floors and they are coming from the cracks. I guess I need to have a few more sprays. Thanks

Montgomery County Maryland

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This is not a bedbug at all. It's a piece of debris of some sort.

Continue to vacuum and clean your living space, especially where you sleep. Follow the other advice on our webpages, such as sealing your mattress (there are many plastic cases for this on the market) and using traps on the feet of your bed.

Read through this short webpage and all the excellent links: You should not have to keep retreating for bedbugs if you follow this advice.