Chickweed around my raised beds

Asked April 11, 2018, 12:54 PM EDT

HI! I have six 4 by 4 ft raised beds surrounded by walkways of pea gravel (dumb idea I see now, but such is life...) I have been fighting a loosing battle with chickweed and another smaller leafed weed. The roots are so sticky to the gravel and fine that I can't get it all out. I have gotten a lot out, but there is still fine layer of green over a large portion of walkways. I have used a 4 prong tool that twists the roots to loosen things up. I am thinking of putting landscape cloth over it to try to smother it, but I think I should put some herbicide or something down before I cover it. The top of the soil level in the beds is at least a foot above the gravel level. What is the best way to kill the weeks, while still allowing my veggies to grow? thank you!!!

Howard County Maryland

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There are several types of chickweed, some annual, some perennial, and their seeds can stay viable in the soil for many years.
Take a look at our weed gallery here, and check too for your other culprit:
It sounds as if with the "fine layer of green", that you may have a whole crop of weeds getting going.
Your idea of smothering is great. Anything that blocks light will work.

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