At What Point do You Need an Exterminator to Deal with Bed Bugs?

Asked April 11, 2018, 12:31 PM EDT

I am not sure your organization is the place for this question, but you may be able to refer me to someone else if you are not. A week ago a neighbor returned a Pack n'Play portable crib they had borrowed for many months. My wife opened it up next to her side of the bed in case one of our visiting grandchildren needed to sleep there. As it turned out, while the crib was in the other home, it had become infested with bed bugs. My wife started noticing big bug bites on her body Wednesday, and found out Thursday they were bed bug bites. We had an inspection which only found them in the crib. The inspector's company will only do the whole house and not just our room. They want about $2,500 to do the whole house. Do you think this necessary? Perhaps the bugs could have traveled to other parts of the house despite the fact that the thorough inspection only found them in the crib.

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If the source of the bedbugs is the crib, we recommend disposing of the Pack N Play.

You will have to educate yourself regarding identification, prevention, and control of bedbugs. Prevention can include inspection, vacuuming, cleaning, drying, getting rid of clutter, washing your bedding, etc.

Begin by viewing our three videos on Bedbugs and publications

Once you have done all of the above cultural controls above such as laundering, vacuuming etc. you may want to have another bedbug inspection.
Look for pest control companies that have certified dogs trained for bedbug detection and have a lot of experience with bedbugs.