What now?

Asked April 10, 2018, 7:42 PM EDT

I bought tulip bulbs in a glass vase. The blooms are gone and I took the bulbs out of the container. How or do I store the bulbs for next year without planting them outside.

Hamilton County Tennessee

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It may not be salvageable at this time.

Here is a overview of the steps to take next time.

To make these bulbs worth saving, it’s essential to care for them after their blossoms fade. Cut off the dead flowering stalks, but do not remove the green foliage. Foliage is necessary for photosynthesis — the conversion of sunlight into sugar. Provide full sun, cool temperatures (65 degrees maximum), and plentiful food and water. After several weeks have passed, yellowing foliage will signal the bulb is ready for a rest. Withhold all food and water. Once the soil has dried out, cut off the withered foliage. Then remove the bulbs, and place them in a paper sack filled with sand, sawdust, or some other dry medium. Or, let the bulbs remain in their pots. Transfer the bag or the pot to a cool, dark, and dry location for the remainder of spring and summer. Be sure to label the bags or pots. There is nothing worse than finding bags or pots of bulbs in the fall, and not having a clue as to their variety or color. In autumn, plant the bulbs in some sunny location outdoors. There, within two years time, they will flower as freely as though they had never been seen in a window garden.