A weird rock

Asked April 10, 2018, 7:18 PM EDT

Hi, so ive had this rock for 8 years, I found it in my backyard in Ontario. But this rock looks like a geode, but completly different. It's not hollow on the inside and it' sa very hard and strong rock... whenever I look at the rock it reminds me of a crystal... I also kinda broke the rock

Outside United States

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What a great find! It's not a geode. It appears that it's a combination of quartz and a metallic mineral which usually indicates hydrothermal alteration of the original rock, sometimes related to metamorphic zones. I am not that familiar with the geology of Ontario, other than to note that there are over 1 billion year old rocks in the Province. There are also zones of metamorphic rocks and granites, which this may be from.
If you are curious about what the other minerals are with the quartz, I suggest taking it to a local geologist. Nice specimen!