Are coffee grounds worthwhile in a Colorado garden?

Asked April 10, 2018, 4:52 PM EDT

I have heard that used coffee grounds can help enrich some soils but haven't heard this as a regular practice in Colorado. Shall we use coffee grounds in our gardens along the Front Range? Or is this more a gardening myth?

Boulder County Colorado

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Goof afternoon,

My name is Elle from the CSU Master Gardener help desk, and I am here to answer your questions concerning coffee grounds in garden soils. Coffee grounds are a low-level source of nitrogen, having a fertilizer value of 2.0 N - 0.3 P - 0.2 K, as well as a minor source of calcium and magnesium. This being said, adding coffee grounds to the soil will not act as the strongest option for a garden fertilizer. There are some species of plants that do like added coffee grounds more than others, including plants that prefer a more acidic soil. Furthermore, you can use coffee grounds in your gardens for general mulching benefits such as temperature and moisture moderation. I have attached a fact sheet on choosing appropriate soil amendments for your garden.