Poor Quality Apples

Asked April 10, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

I have (4) apple trees: a Regent, a Honey Crisp, a Harelson, and a Harel Red. With the exception of the Honey Crisp the trees are approx. 20 years old. I prune them every March, water them when needed, spray with a dormant oil spray early and spray them multiple times throughout the summer. I really never get any quality fruit. See attached pictures. I typically get a ton of blossoms and really not very many apples by fall. I pick up 5 gal buckets of small apples throughout the summer and dispose of off site. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Regent is my favorite apple and I know what you are going through since I have the same problem in Bloomington. Soon after blossom drop the apple maggot flies start laying eggs on the fruit which hatch into maggots which tunnel into the apples. When the apples fall the maggots crawl into the soil and reemerge as adult flies to continue the problem. Good house keeping helps but since the adults are flies they can come from neighbors whom do not clean up properly.
I have tried spray which must be reapplied after a rain or every 10 days or so. There are also traps that can be used such as red balls coated with tanglefoot or containers using 1 cup apple vinegar, 1 cup water and 1 table spoon sugar but this needs replacing when it gets diluted with rain or dries up. Check this link for more information

Thanks Dennis. I do use those red balls with tanglefoot and try to spray on a good schedule, but like you say with rain - could probably be more diligent. I pickup the apples once a week (when I mow) . Again maybe could increase this frequency. One more thing regarding the Regent. That is in an area that is a little wet at times. Could that be a problem? What about the Harelson and Harel Red. Same issue - Apple Magot?

Yes i am sure it the same problem, sorry.
I am dealing with the same problem and will let you know if I hear anything new.