Reusing planters and containers in the greenhouse

Asked April 9, 2018, 7:41 PM EDT

Hi, I am new to greenhouse gardening. I’m wanting to grow mostly veggies in containers in the greenhouse and I’m having trouble finding much info. I have used earth boxes and smart pots for several years outside and had pretty good luck. My biggest question is, do I need to wash and sterilize my containers before using in the greenhouse? Also, do I need to use new soil each season? I want to be careful to not introduce any nasties... Thanks! Erin

Deschutes County Oregon

1 Response

Thanks for your question, Erin. Whether a private or a commercial greenhouse, prevention of disease is an important issue, and you're wise to investigate! I'm referring you to this Extension article which discusses the container cleanliness issue (as well as other solid surfaces in the greenhouse). This more thorough Extension article addresses re-use of potting soil, and I think it should answer your question about that topic. Hope these are helpful. Good luck!