Is this a wolf or coyote

Asked April 8, 2018, 7:23 PM EDT

I live in upper Michigan, near Sault ste Marie. I caught this animal on the trail camera, I believe it's a coyote, but want to make sure.

Chippewa County Michigan

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These images were shared with, Hannah Schauer, DNR Communications & Education Coordinator, and a team of DNR wildlife specialists. The consensus is that there are at least two different individuals pictured in the three attached photos. The group agrees the daytime photo is of a wolf, which also looks like it may have mange. The night time photos are harder to see details in order to determine species. It is also hard to determine if the two night photos are of the same individual or not.

DNR staff are interested in reviewing any additional photos to see if a positive determination can be made. If you have additional photos or have further questions about this submitted question, you may contact Hannah directly at:

Hannah Schauer
Communications & Education Coordinator
Michigan DNR Wildlife Division
Public Outreach & Engagement
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