Installing package bee when tempature is between 32 and 42F

Asked April 6, 2018, 2:39 PM EDT

I live in southeast Tennessee. Ive installed a number of package bees during my 30+ years of beekeeping. But never installed any when the temp is between 32 and 42 F. Need some advise on the best way to install under these conditions. I figured Alaska would be a good place to get the advise i need. Thanks for your help, Jim Gentry 423-263-2248

McMinn County Tennessee

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Regular installation methods work fine at those temperatures if you work quickly and syrup is warmed before use. It also helps if the equipment in which you are installing them is at room temperature. Folks in Canada do it all the time.

If standard installation makes you nervous, you can try a slow install method as shown in the "Jim and Kim Show" webinar hosted by "Bee Culture" magazine. See for a link to the installation webinar. I have not tried that one, myself.

Other methods as used in Alaska are explained in the University of Alaska publication at