wood ash and bamboo

Asked April 6, 2018, 7:38 AM EDT

I have a lot of wood ash from the fireplace. I noticed that the lawn and the azaleas seem to like it and grow better. Next door, there is bamboo...nuf said. I wonder what effect if any wood ash would have if I spread it on my side of the property. Would it hinder, prohibit its growth. I'm getting older and it is getting harder to dig it up. Thank you.

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Wood ashes from hardwoods will provide phosphorus and potassium -- two key plant nutrients -- to the soil. It also will raise soil pH, similar to the effect of adding lime. The invasive, running type of bamboo, as you probably know, is quite adaptable and will grow fairly well in even poor soils. Unfortunately, we don't think the wood ash would help to control it. It's a good thought, but effective control involves cutting back new shoots, constructing a barrier, and/or using a non-selective herbicide on it.