Small tree suggestions?

Asked April 5, 2018, 4:39 PM EDT

Hi, Our family dog recently passed away and we'd like to remember him by planting a small tree in our backyard. We live in Bloomington, MN and the area would be mostly full sun. Our soil is kind of sandy. I was thinking a flowering or fruit tree would be nice but I'm open to anything. Can you send me some suggestions on what kind of tree we should plant? Also, my wife thought we could sprinkle our dogs ashes around the tree and maybe under the root ball when we plant it. Would that be ok for the tree? Thanks

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Sorry for your loss and what a wonderful way to remember your pet. They are one of the family. Flowering crab apples are lovely and can live a very long time. Apple trees are also a good choice. Since the soil is sandy it will require watering if there is no rain for a week or more for it to be very healthy. Ashes are beneficial so it would be fine to put them in the planting hole.
Here are some other ideas.