Pesky squirrels

Asked April 4, 2018, 7:32 PM EDT

The squirrels have eaten my newly planted lettuce and spinach starts, climb / jump over the squirrel baffel on my birdfeeders, eat birdseed from my “squirrel-proof” feeders, and even eat the suet with cayenne pepper. Enough is enough!!! What can I legally do to get rid of them? Can I shoot them with a BB or pellet gun? Thanks for your help!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Squirrels are tough pests in urban areas with well-established populations.

Here is a fact sheet from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, which provides a good background for the situation:

Removing your bird feeder will help keep them from coming to your site.

To protect your veggies, consider using a protective cage made chicken wire, hardware cloth, or row cover fabric. Once the veggie starts are established , the squirrels probably will not damage the plants. They will go after fruit like strawberries and tree fruits.

In terms of shooting them with an air gun, that is not a recommended practice for urban areas. Focus on protecting your plants.

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