Poison Oak

Asked April 3, 2018, 2:37 PM EDT

We just bought some property and I want to start a garden but there is poison oak everywhere. We sprayed with crossbow and roundup but I've heard poison oak is awful stubborn to get rid of. My plan was to rototill, spray again, add some compost then cover it with a tarp until next spring and cross my fingers the poison oak will be gone and to soil wont be ruined. Is there any tips that you have for planting a garden around poison oak?

Polk County Oregon

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I think maybe it would be best to see the proposed site in order to develop a plan. I'd be hesitant to rototill as the oil that causes dermatitis is also present in the roots (as well as stems and leaves) and can remain active even in dead stems, so it would probably be best to try other means to remove the roots from this soil as well as the stems of the plants. If you would like, please contact me directly at the email address below. Thanks.