White Pine with Brown needles

Asked April 2, 2018, 4:57 PM EDT

Would brown needles be the result of Pine Bark Beetles? How can I be sure? I purchased a product that is by Fertilome called System Insect Drench. However, Pine Bark Beetles are not mentioned. I want to save the tree, however, I do not wish to throw money away.
What advise do you have for me. I can send a picture if that would help.

Followup question from email sent to Beverly Coberly:

There are many brown needles. I did attempt to attach two pictures of the tree and if that was not successful I will try again. In checking the tree as closely as I know how, I see no holes like I have been told that a pine bark beetle would make.

Let me know as I want to be sure that I treat this tree correctly so I do not lose the tree.

Calhoun County Michigan

2 Responses

The symptoms you describe can be an indication of several issues. Can you send a photo? Are you seeing holes in the trunk? Pine bark beetles are secondary pests and attack trees that are under stress.

Can you give me call at 2317799480