Asked April 1, 2018, 5:54 PM EDT

My two foot indoor banana plant will be one years old on April 14, 2018 and it has 12 leaves, I noticed its losing two leaves that are still green. Why is this? Should I cut the two leaves off? I watered it about 6 days ago and I keep it in front of my window that I believe is a north facing window. I live in a apartment so that’s the only side o have access too

Fairfield County Connecticut

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Thank you for your question and the photograph. Your plant looks very dehydrated, which is why its leaves are drooping. Do you have it in a pot that the water can drain through? You can water more regularly and be certain that dissolved minerals will get out if you have it in a pot with a hole in the bottom. The yellowing (which I don't see) is typically caused by a lack of nitrogen. How often are you fertilizing it, and with what? The other problem your question raises is whether it is getting enough light. These plants typically need full sunlight, which you probably can't get inside in Connecticut. Here is a link to an article about care of a banana plant in a container. Hopefully our suggestions will bring back your plant. Good luck!