Dead Squirrel in vegetable bed

Asked April 1, 2018, 4:34 PM EDT

We just found a dead squirrel buried in one of our raised beds. We have no idea how it got there - the soil looked smooth over the top of it--we noticed some fur sticking up from the ground and pulled up a somewhat recently dead squirrel that did not look like it had been maimed or anything. It was not very decayed. A couple of animals have died around our property in NW DC in the last year (opossum, hare), and because none seem to have suffered any obvious foul play, we assume that our neighbors have rat poison out. If the squirrel had been poisoned, is it OK to plant food crops in that bed (we would be planting now)? If not, how long should we wait? If we should wait, is there anything we can do to make the soil safe sooner? Also, could a dog or other animal have buried the squirrel? We are perplexed about how it got under the ground in the raised bed to begin with. Thanks much.

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We are also perplexed on how it got there, and do not have an answer about that for you.
However, go ahead and plant. Amend your soil with some aged compost, which will increase biological activity.
Here is our vegetable page for your reference: