Use for decomposed wood cuttings

Asked March 31, 2018, 7:21 PM EDT

Recently while cleaning out a large pile of cut logs I discovered many of the logs closest to the ground have rotted to a pile of dark "soil". The bark was somewhat in place but 90% of the inner core had broken up into a dark soil-like matter. This wood pile was composed of mostly pine, sycamores, etc that had been on the property and had been cut and stacked up near the edge of nearby woods 5 to 10 years ago. If possible I would like to turn this small plot into a flower garden or a bed to plant rose bushes. Are there any concerns or issues using this soil either in the same spot or move to another sunnier area of the yard? From the information I have found on gardening websites there seems to be a concern using wood chip mulch in the soil due to the depletion of nitrogen. But this material is beyond the wood chip phase -- it resembles a dark/rich soil. thank you M Kennedy

Calvert County Maryland soil compost

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What you have there is what some call "black gold". It is compost, which is the natural remains of the biological breakdown of organic materials (things that were once living). Compost is a great, enriching soil amendment. A garden would be great there, though if it's not sunny, that limits which flowers you can grow, so be sure to read labels.