Problems with Leyland Cypress

Asked March 30, 2018, 5:32 PM EDT

We have along our property edge a screen of trees including Green Giant Arborvitae, Norway Spruce, and Leyland Cypress. This Spring, our Leyland Cypress trees seem to be weaker than usual and are showing a lot of browning. Can you possibly identify what might be the cause of this? Thank you!

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It looks like your Leyland cypress has winter injury. We are seeing a lot of winter damage in evergreens, especially this year. A lot of Leylands are showing dieback, a symptom also called "winter burn." Leylands don't like the wide and sudden fluctuations in temperatures we have had throughout this winter. Some varieties of Leylands are hardier than others and are more tolerant.
There is more information on winter damage and the causes of it, here on our website:
Eventually, the needles are going to drop out. There really isn't anything you can do to make them recover from dieback. You can prune out the damaged parts and you might want to consider a replacement.