Asked March 30, 2018, 2:44 PM EDT

Hi. Is there a schedule that is published as to when to plant grass seed, when to fertilize and when to apply weed killer? It is late March and I have a nice lawn in Western Howard County and I would ike to get on a better program by myself. I have an acre and a half. I get your typical crab grass and also that creepy weed that is taking over the area..I also have a problem with grubs. I would like to get seed in now but dont want to kill it with the next step.

Howard County Maryland

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While seeding is most successful in the fall, overseeding thin or bare areas in the spring to help increase density is an option. Tall fescue grass seed doesn’t need as warm of temperature as crabgrass, so you may consider trying to overseed in late March/very early April before crabgrass germination gets into full swing. Keep in mind, however, that any pre-emergent product you apply for crabgrass will also prevent tall fescue seed from germinating. If you decide to seed, you can look for a premergent that allows you to seed at the same time such as Tupersan, siduron, active ingredient. Otherwise, you can apply a crabgrass premergent with no fertilizer and seed and fertilize in the fall.

Here is our Turfgrass Maintenance Schedule

Best time to fertilize is the fall. If you have not tested your soil in the last 3 years begin with this. Results give pH, liming, and fertilization recommendations. See our website for lawn care and fertilizing and look at the link How To Fertilize Responsibly and Lawn Fertilizer Schedule.

Here is a good article on spring lawn care

Grub control - Make sure you have a grub problem.
Reasons to apply a grub control include - a past history of grubs, if you have a sprinkler system that keeps the soil moist for egg laying, and if we have weather conditions like wet summers and lush lawns while the adult beetles are active in June.

In general, adult egg laying begins in July and root feeding begins in August. If the grub count exceeds 6-8 per square foot, you may want to consider treating for grubs. Grub controls are applied as a preventative (time frame is mid June through August). Look for a season long grub control that contains the active ingredient Chlorantraniliprole. This product is more environmentally friendly. See our publication on japanese beetles for more information