Landscape plants that are resistant to spider mites

Asked March 30, 2018, 10:36 AM EDT

I live in Easton, MD. The azaleas planted around my home in 2004 have all succumbed to spider mites. The bugs have moved on now to Japonica Hollies that were near the azaleas and killing these off one branch at a time. I have planted Cherry Laurel...and the leaves are pretty chewed up but they seem to be doing ok in spite of that. White azaleas 12 feet from the pink ones that were decimated are thriving. Camellias seem OK in one area, very yellowed in another (i think due to frost more than mites but this plant is >3 ft from one of the dying azaleas). What do you recommend for other evergreen plants that may be more resistant to these mites?

Talbot County Maryland

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We don't have a specific list of spider mite-resistant plants. Spider mites are especially a problem when 1. the plants are stressed (e.g. shade-loving plants like azaleas in a sunny location.) or 2. the natural predators of spider mites have been killed off by pesticides. Here is help and control measures:

It's unusual for spider mites to kill azaleas. They may also have lacebugs. Take a look at this webpage: and

We may be able to be more specific in our recommendations if we could to see photos of the infested plants, both up close and wide angle.