Landscaping for a new home

Asked March 30, 2018, 5:52 AM EDT

We moved into a home on Beards creek off the South River. I am planning on adding some landscaping. We share this property with many deer and an concerned about feeding the population. We never had deer in our other suburban home. The following plants have been suggested and am wondering if they appropriate for our location and support (some perhaps) native Maryland plantings. Nadia, Encore Azela, Weeping Gold Cypress, Bush Lace Weeping Engelmann Spruce, Limoncello Barberry, Cabernet Barberry. Thank yo so much for your help

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Congratulations. It sounds like an exciting piece of land to work with.
None of those plants are native, but there are many wonderful native plants for landscaping. For ideas, browse through this online pub which has photos and cultural requirements for each plant: "Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed". If we knew more specifics about your lot (sun/shade, soil type, your goals, etc.) we could be more specific with recommendations.

Here is our webpage on deer, with a link to lists of plants by how likely deer are to eat them: This is a fairly old list, and an addendum was later added of (foreign) invasive plants that should not be plants. If hungry enough, deer will try anything, but there are many plants they steer away from.

We cannot recommend using barberry. This plant has become highly invasive in our parks and wild areas. There are varieties with few seeds, but unless seeds are going to be removed by hand, barberry should not be planted. Invasive plants are not native, but are extremely aggressive and smother or out compete native plants that our native wildlife need. Many efforts are underway to remove invasive plants , and we must be careful not to add to the problem. Nandina is also beginning to be invasive in some areas.

If you would like to give us more information about your site, we can be more specific in recommendations. Some natives that are highly ornamental include: summersweet (clethra), ninebark, Annabelle hydrangea, fringe tree, native azaleas (also fragrant), American holly, sweet bay magnolia and Southern magnolia.