What animal could have caused this?

Asked March 29, 2018, 10:09 PM EDT

We recently noticed a large area of mud at the steps to our open deck. As you see in the photos, pieces of the wooden lattice have been broken out, and are on the ground a ways away from where they had been. Years ago, a groundhog sheltered under the deck, and tunneled it's way into the crawl space in our basement (which caused a fly infestation!). Living in Potomac, we have deer, raccoons, possums, and an occasional fox. Does this look like the work of a ground hog? What would explain all this mud where there used to be grass/moss? I've been told that to keep animals out, we'd have to have heavy wiring installed that goes about a foot under the surface. Appreciate your insight! Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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We can't say for sure what animal this is. Many animals will use the old abandoned den or tunnels of another animal, but it is very possible it is another groundhog.

One inexpensive tip: soak rags with ammonia and shove them as far as you can down the hole.Then refill the hole with soil. If you can find other entrances to the same den, repeat until all entrances have been stuffed and filled. Leave one entrance open at least overnight so any animal inside can escape. If there is a mother with young, they may just redig everything. If you suspect this, wait until the young are older and have left, then stuff and fill the holes.

You can also search wildlife or specific animals (like groundhog) on our website search for more ideas.