Opened raw honey

Asked March 26, 2018, 3:59 PM EDT

I have opened jars of raw honey that I got at our farmers market. Some are 5 years old.i heard that unopened jars can last forever but what if the jar has been unsealed for years?

Washington County Oregon

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I spoke with one of our Bee Researchers on campus:
If the honey has been stored at moderate temperatures (room temperature or cooler) for the entire time, never reaching 100’F for any length of time, the honey should be fine. When honey is stored at high temperatures for several weeks, the fructose can be converted to a toxin, but that is very temperature dependent. If it was not airtight, it could have attracted moisture and there could be some fermentation. That would be noticeable from the smell and texture of the honey. We don’t suggest consuming it if obvious fermentation has happened.

If the jars did not let moisture in and were kept relatively cool, it should be fine.