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Asked March 26, 2018, 1:02 PM EDT

We have such a bad problem with runoff that the roots of our tree's are now exposed. We are concerned that pretty soon the runoff will be close to the house and not just be concern for the trees and the mower. How do you stop the runoff from four houses that is coming onto your property?

Queen Anne's County Maryland

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There is a great deal of interest in preventing too much stormwater from reaching and damaging waterways (including the Bay.) Look at this link for ideas:
"Raingardens" and "Converting Turf to Conservation Landscaping" both should have ideas for you.
There may be help in your county with this. See the assistance directory on the left side.

Also search 'raingardens' in our search box for lots of information. Rain gardens are a popular way to capture runoff in a garden bed full of plants that love water. It can be very simple.

To slow runoff, place landscaping ties or natural logs sideways across the path of the water. where it enters your property. Slow water AND spread it around or get it to sink intoyour soil. If you can slow it down--especially during summer thunderstorns-- and absorb into your soil, then YOUR plants will benefit by getting a good deep watering.

Speak with your neighbors about controlling their runoff. They can plant shrubs or low plants to slow the flow of water. They can also slow the flow with landscape ties or logs.