black berries and gophers

Asked March 26, 2018, 12:48 PM EDT

we are contemplating a purchase of two acre homesite in Polk county. The property has been trimmed back but the blackberry vines are thick . also the entire parcel is infested with ground dwelling animals. Holes and mounds literally every where Any ideas of how to control these problems

Polk County Oregon

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Blackberries (Himalayan) can be eradicated mechanically, by hand or chemically over time, but it is constant commitment over time that will require your effort to address it. Here are some resources for you:
In regards to critters, you will have to learn to live with them and keep their populations down if you plant a commercial crop, eradicating them is not a feasible option, unless you have a large amount of resources for underground fences, extermination and upkeep of the pest control Here are some resources:

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