I have an old Christmas tree farm that I am looking to clear cut so I can...

Asked March 26, 2018, 11:49 AM EDT

I have an old Christmas tree farm that I am looking to clear cut so I can convert it to hay and other crops. The trees are anywhere from 10' to 30' tall and are mostly Scotch pine. I'm fairly sure that they are only good for pulpwood, but I'd like to understand the process for having them graded, priced and working with a forester to have them cleared. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you. Scott Armstrong

Jefferson County Ohio

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Hi Scott, you are looking for the Service Forester from ODNR ( Ohio Department of Natural Resources). I googled ODNR Service Forester and the map of Ohio came up and Jefferson County is in District 11 for the Service Foresters. That Forester is Jeremy Scherf and his phone number is 740 439 9079 and he is in the office on Wednesday. The service foresters have a defined district that they consult. It is their job to help the property owner make a good decision as to what their timber is worth and how to market it and obtain the best value. They travel all the time from one area to another to take a look at each situation and determine the best plan of action. There are a lot of shady characters out there that promise a lot and give very little. The service forester will not do the work but they are there for advice and consultation to help the property owner get the most out of the woodlot. You may have to wait to get an appointment but it is well worth the wait. They have the experience from all sorts of situations and give excellent advice.

Give Jeremy a call and get on his schedule. Don