mapletree itis

Asked March 26, 2018, 11:13 AM EDT

I have Maple Trees in my backyard for a few years now the branches on some have a white spotty layer this then kills branch I have gone to my local garden place in which they recommended this powder I sprinkle around the base this did not help What do you think is causing this issue? what do you suggest as to how can I fix this?
I appreciate any input you have on this I absolutely love my maples they are taking a beating

Calhoun County Michigan

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Without seeing the white spots you are talking about, it is hard to give any informed information. Depending on the size and look it could be a scale problem or a fungal problem which would require different approaches to correcting the issue. You might want to consider sending a sample to the diagnostics lab on campus ( website for information is: ) or you can contact the Jackson county office to see about taking a sample for diagnostics over to them. (Jackson County Info: 1715 Lansing Ave., Suite 257
Jackson, MI 49202 Phone:517-788-4292) If you can get a good clear picture to send it might be possible to determine the problem from that.