Fertilizing very young fruit trees

Asked March 25, 2018, 10:39 PM EDT

When is a the best time to fertilize? They are already budded and flowering. I have one shiru plum and one Asian pear from Friends of trees.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for your tree fertilization question. Here is a link to an OSU Extension article with directions and timing. Hope it's helpful. Good luck!

Thank you. I have steer manure. Is that an adequit fertilizer?

Steer manure can be used as a fertilizer, but it needs to be cured (composted) for at least 6 months. Fresh manure has lots of salts, and can harm the plants on which it is applied. And, manure often doesn't have all of the nutrients necessary for the plants. If you have adequately rotted steer manure, apply sparingly, because new trees typically don't need more fertilizer than the nutrients they find in the soil. And, if your trees are surrounded by lawns that you fertilize, they probably don't need any at all. Look at your tree to see if its leaves are yellow, and it will tell you if it needs more nitrogen. Hope you can use this information.

Thanks Kristena. This is manure that was purchased in a bag some time ago. I assume it's sold for fertilization.

That's good. It is probably aged long enough that the nitrogen is dissipated and most pathogens are no longer a risk. However, as the article said, young trees don't need to be fertilized in most cases, so you can save it!