Dwarf Burning Bush / Invasive Species ?

Asked March 25, 2018, 7:34 PM EDT

After working with Master Gardener's Handbook, have few questions. I started checking garden retailers, to see if invasive species, winged burning bush, are available. Home Depot had a dwarf burning bush for sale ? If a plant is listed on invasive species list, are there restrictions on sale ? If a homeowner or municipality, has existing problem plants, what then ? Thanks /

Prince George's County Maryland

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You will find many invasive plants--including some of the most fast-moving and harmful ones--still for sale. Only a handful have been outright banned by the state. The nursery industry is responsible for self-monitoring. Retail outlets have cut back on some invasive plants, but it is truly a buyer beware situation.

Because the issue of invasive plants was not fully understood and articulated until recent years, most Americans are still not familiar with their devastating and expensive damage. Invasive plants (and invasive diseases and insects) were not taught in schools until recently, so there is a big lag in knowledge. A homeowner or municipalities help by educating family, friends, neighbors and the general public and, of course, removing their own invasive plants and replanting with beneficial plants. Also, joining in their community's invasive plant removals. Citizens can also educate government officials and legislators and ask for stronger methods to stop invasives from destroying parks and natural environments and keep new ones out.

Through this online Ask an Expert service, we are eager to help homeowners identify invasive plants on their land and also are happy to advise when homeowner's are not sure whether to purchase a potentially invasive plant. There is a great deal of info on our website.