Is it safe to can meat that has been marinated first?

Asked March 25, 2018, 3:40 PM EDT

I'm an experienced home caner and have been ranging out with my recipes that I know will work. But I thought I would be a good idea to reach out and ask first about canning marinated meats as I've never seen it mentioned before. While I'm aware of certain herbs that shouldn't be used for canning I've been considering marinades that include soy sauce or vinegar bases. Any info you have would be very much appreciated. Thanks Judith

Lane County Oregon

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As long as you process it in a pressure canner for the research based time for the meat you are using it should not be a safety issue. Because of the long processing time and high heat the texture might be different because the marinate does tenderize the meat as well as flavor it. Know that spices and herbs intensify with the long processing time so wouldn't add too much. Try a little and see if you like it.

I know they do not recommend canning cured meats like ham and corned beef but not heard about warnings about adding vinegar and soy sauce as seasonings. They do have recommendation for pickled pigs feet which has vinegar added and processed like regular pork.

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Nellie Oehler