Slice seeding in turf grass

Asked March 25, 2018, 1:41 PM EDT

I live on hilly land with a lot of Kentucky 31 grass to mow. I want to know if I can slice seed wildflowers, sedge, etc. into the turf grass to eliminate weekly mowing. If so, what seed is recommended? Will I need to slice seed multiple years in a row? Also, would this mixture be fine on my septic drain field? If this can be done, I am thinking of mid-May seeding. The areas would be on all sides of my house, but not real close, so they should get sun all summer.

Pendleton County Kentucky

1 Response

Thank you for reaching out. I will have a few preliminary recommendations and resources and have follow-up questions.

1. I highly recommend soil testing the site. Knowing the pH and nutrient levels, will aid in making a more complete recommendation. We offer this service free through our office. We provide the bags and have a soil probe available for a $20 deposit, to be returned to you upon return of the probe. For more information on soil sampling please refer to this publication.

2. Is the primary purpose to only eliminate mowing? Will livestock ever have access to this pasture?

3. Please call me to discuss in more detail 859.568.8295. In the meantime please review these publications for more information.
Wild About Wildflowers -
Wildflower Meadow Creation -$FILE/BPG_15.pdf