Pine tree problem

Asked March 24, 2018, 4:25 PM EDT

I noticed a pine tree on my property has lost a good section of bark all around. At first glance it appears burnt but it is not. There is a blackening to the remaining bark and branches. The needles are a lighter green than the nearby trees. It is only 20 feet tall with an 8 inch trunk at the base. What is causing this?

Josephine County Oregon

1 Response

It's hard to tell from the pictures. Is the bark near where it has come off loose, or tight? Is there evidence of insect galleries on the wood or inside of the bark (meandering patterns, sawdust, bark comes off easily, is dry underneath)? Is this a native pine or a tree that has been planted? How long has it been this way? It would be helpful to get a picture of the whole tree. You can communicate with me directly at