Can you identify this?

Asked March 22, 2018, 10:57 PM EDT

Our family has been struggling for 3 years with what once we were told was scabies (although never identified)...then potentially bird mite. The people who are bothered the most (myself, my daughter and our dogs) are here all the time. I wash linens daily we’ve been treated for scabies several times. It’s ruined my health, my marriage, my career. Please help! Thank you!

New Hanover County North Carolina

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It's definitely not scabies but it is clearly some sort of medical issue for which you need to see a physician, preferably a dermatologist that will take to time to actually look at skin scrapings or a biopsy and then render a diagnosis. If the dog is truly bothered by the same thing, any veterinarian would be able to do skin scrapings of the dog and examine them under a microscope. There are no pesticide applications recommended here because there's no way to determine what those objects are. We are not a medical facility and so our diagnostic labe will not accept samples that are objects/materials excised from a person's (or their pet's) skin. We always defer to the expertise of physicians in those cases. I am sorry that we cannot be of more significant help but this is not something that we can address.