Trying to find somewhere to sell the wood of a 60 ft Cherry tree in my backyard

Asked March 22, 2018, 5:01 PM EDT

Hey, I have a 60 ft cherry tree in my backyard that is right next to my house and needs to come down before it tears up the foundation with its roots (it has already cracked the cement floor in my garage). Unfortunately, it is also going to cost a pretty penny to get it taken down, so I was hoping that someone here at OSU Extension could help direct me to someone who might want to buy all the cherry wood, since I know cherry wood has some value with wood turners and furniture makers.

Clackamas County Oregon

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Cherry wood is certainly beautiful and highly valued, once you make lumber or paneling from it. Whether or not you can find someone to buy the tree or the logs from the tree depends on a few details and conditions. There may be some arborists or wood enthusiasts out there who are interested in making the best from a cherry tree if it is of good size and quality. Here are some questions to help determine your prospects:

What type of cherry tree is it? The usual choices around here are fruit tree, flowering cherry, a naturalized "bird cherry", or a wild Pacific bitter cherry.
What is the diameter of the tree near the ground?
How high to the first major branches or forks?
What diameter at about 20 feet off the ground?
Can it be cut into logs longer than 6 feet?
If you can't find someone to buy the logs, are you willing to invest time and money into having it milled, dried, and re-milled to get a good end product?
I have also received a phone call from you, so will follow up with you on more details directly.