replacing Leyland Cypress trees

Asked March 21, 2018, 10:19 AM EDT

I recently removed six Leyland Cypress trees from my yard , because they had grown too large,and were beginning to fall during a recent storm. I am replacing them with a dwarf variety, and I plan to locate them in the same locations where the old trees were, The tree removal company ground the stumps and compacted most of the stump grindings into the holes where the old trees were, and covered the area with top soil.They told me the ground up roots would be beneficial for the new trees.My question is this. Can I put the new trees, about three feet high, into the holes with the wood chips, after taking some of the wood chips out and mixing with topsoil before planting trees. I don't have a period of time where I can wait for the wood chips to decompose because I only have about five years before I move from my home and I would like some growth on the trees when I sell the property. Any information you can give me concerning planting tips and suggestions for this planting will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Fresh wood chips can 'burn' tree roots, but provided the stump was not ground in the last couple of weeks, that should not be a problem.

The problem now is that fairly new wood chips, while they are decomposing, use nitrogen that the new trees also use. When you plant, try to make the planting hole soil primarily top soil. Use a liquid fertilizer when you plant--once. The newly planted trees should be ok. Dwarf trees grow slowly, compared to standard size. Don't be surprised at that, or over-fertilize them to get fast growth. That can lead to problems.

This can be helpful:

Be mindful that the most crucial thing for success is to keep their soil moist--not soggy. Water in dry spells when mother nature doesn't provide, at least for the first two years.