Are water sprouts trimmings good to propagate?

Asked March 20, 2018, 11:32 PM EDT

Would water sprouts or other dormant trimmings that are pruned now in early spring be a good source of cuttings to propagate? i.e. persimmon tree water sprouts, grape trimmings, gooseberry trimmings, hardy fig trimmings, etc

Montgomery County Maryland

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The best method of propagation really depends on the plant. For grapes, dormant hardwood cuttings root fairly easily. Cut stems from mature vines in the winter. Take stems that are 1/3 to 1/2 inches in diameter, about 14-18" long. Plant them deep enough to cover all but one bud at the top. Seed propagation is the recommended method for common persimmons, but you could certainly try rooting sprout cuttings and see if they take. With figs, take hardwood cuttings of 2- or 3-year old wood in the spring, or take basal cuttings (1 year shoots from the base of the plant) and root those. For gooseberries, any easy way to propagate is by tip layering. Here's a good video on the process: Stem cuttings can be started too for gooseberries, but tip layering tends to be an easier and more reliable method.


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What about the possibility of sticking large branches into rooting medium (or soil)? Could they possibly grow into large trees? These are my large crape myrtle and jiro persimmon branches.

You could certainly try it, but generally the best way to propagate trees is to take a cutting of about 4 to 6 inches long and set it in moist medium to germinate roots. Here is an excellent guide to propagation by stem cuttings.

For crapemyrtles, you'll have the best chance of rooting if you use a semi-hardwood cutting taken from mid-July to early fall. For the persimmon, it would be best to start with softwood cuttings. Here is additional information on propagating persimmon.