brown leaves on Nellis Stevens trees

Asked March 20, 2018, 5:09 PM EDT

This spring (2018) I've noticed that our Nellie Stevens evergreens all have lots of brown leaves. See no insects, could it be winter burn?

New Castle County Delaware

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We have seen a lot of winter injury/ winter burn with brown areas on leaves of broad-leaved evergreens this season. Due to the alternating temperatures and the wind, many of these trees and shrubs like holly and mahonia have shown areas of brown on leaves that resembles drying or burn. Due to the temperature and wind, leaves do dry out in the freezing temperatures.
Wait to prune until new growth starts in the spring, and you can see what shoots are alive. Then prune to remove dead areas and prune to shape. Hollies will not re-grow their shape well if pruned.

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