Soil Preparation & Reseeding Shady Lawn Areas

Asked March 20, 2018, 3:40 PM EDT

Our existing back yard is gotten rather heavily shaded and couple years ago, I begin to notice the grass was dying back (now its all but gone in the deepest shady areas). I would like to alter existing condition and prepare the backward for reseeding. I would appreciate any information & recommendations you could provide. cheers chip

Howard County Maryland

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Begin with a soil test. Results give pH, liming, and fertilizer recommendations.

Select a fine fescue grass seed such as a hard (preferred), chewings, or sheep fescue. Fine fescues are usually the main grass species of grass seed labeled for shady areas.

See our publication for overseeding steps, fertilizing, and care and maintenance after seeding

If the area is too shady you may need to consider planting shade tolerant groundcovers, please see our list of groundcovers