What animal is scratching up my Aspen Trees

Asked March 20, 2018, 2:39 PM EDT

We live in Mesa View Estates in Golden and have for 20+years. Recently we have noticed an increasing number of scratching or marking on a group of Aspen Trees near our driveway that seem to be growing in height, width and depth. We live within direct access to Green Mountain Open Space where many bobcats and Mountain Lions live.

About 3 weeks ago we also had some animal who left a depression in in the snow as if resting, on our front yard. In addition there were very large cat like tracks and large scat dropping, similar to, but larger than deer droppings.

I am attaching some recent photos of the scratch marks which are up to about 4 feet from the ground, the Neighborhood is betting on Bear markings, Bobcat or Mountain Lion.

Jefferson County Colorado

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Probably a cat, could be a large cat but more likely a bobcat.