Master Plan Amendment

Asked March 20, 2018, 11:24 AM EDT

We have a very good (in our opinion) Master Plan with an intense 'fact-book'. It is admittedly written in a format and with language that is not easily interpreted by the average layperson 'citizen planner' / planning commissioner. There are several amendments that are needed. As we prepare for our community outreach we are concerned that as written, the MP language is quite complicated. Is it possible to write an abbreviated Master Plan (think instruction manual for the EVERYDAY reader) that will incorporate all of our existing work. The current MP and fact book are full of very useful / technical information that we don't want to lose but our PRIMARY mission is in producing a document that will NOT sit on the self because we're afraid to use it.

Ottawa County Michigan

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There is no reason why the plan can't also be summarized in a document that is more easily distributed and read by the public. In fact, this is a great strategy for getting more community members to buy-in to the planning commission's efforts.

The summary document would simply include a reference that it is based on the plan (or fact book) that is available at the local government office, library, and possibly several other locations - that way the data and analysis is still connected to the visions, goals, objectives, and individual policies detailed in the summary plan.

The Michigan Planning Enabling Act is not very explicit as to the contents of the plan. You might read 'To plan or not to plan: Minimum contents of a master plan' (

Hope this helps. Great idea and good luck!