Change in rose bush

Asked March 20, 2018, 12:00 AM EDT

Hi. I have had a Tropicana rose bush for almost 12 years. Recently, I noticed a difference in the shoots, which seemed thinner and longer. My Dad was having health issues and eventually passed away 2 weeks ago. For this reason, I had left all gardening, amongst other things, on hold. Today, as I was driving past the rose bush, I noticed a different color rose. I got closer and noticed the new shoots have buds in clusters and in a deep dark red color. The rose bush is part Tea rose and part floribunda. Is there a way to get the rose bush back to only Tropicana? Will the bush be harmed if I leave it as it is? I took some pictures, but was windy and didn't come out as good but you can see the 2 different roses.

Cameron County Texas

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My deepest condolences. It is not uncommon for roses to change colors. There are a couple of reasons that may have caused the rose color to change. Please visit the link below. The rose bush will not be harmed if left as is. Please feel free to call my office at 956.361.8236 if you would like to discuss futher.

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