ID and problem

Asked March 18, 2018, 11:59 AM EDT

Hello there! Could you please help? What kind of plant is this and why is there discoloration in the leaves? Thank you very much!

Marion County Oregon

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The shrubs are Viburnum davidii, the common name ‘David’s Viburnum.(See

David’s Viburnum is a widely used, hardy, semi-evergreen shrub here in the northwest. It generally tolerates a wide variety of conditions but its downfall is an excess of overhead water which encourages various leaf spot diseases. At this time of year, the cause is rainfall and/or heavy dews. During the growing season, the cause is overhead water from sprinklers and/or overly attentive gardeners.

Some of the damage in your images – especially the various lines, both straight and curved – may have begun with mechanical damage.

Cultural management includes the following:

- Destroy affected leaves or plant debris if practical.

- Avoid overhead irrigation or apply early in the day so that the plants dry as soon as possible.

Chemical management may be helpful but only if applied before symptoms develop. Products available to home gardeners are Bonide Fung-onil Multi-purpose Fungicide, also Monterey Liqui-Cop. If you use them, mix and apply according to label directions.. Many other products are available to a professional maintenance company.